B.A General Group Criteria & Guidelines Fee Structure Prospectus and Admission form

  • AIOU normally offers admission to this program twice a year i.e. Spring Semester in which admission start from 1st February to 10th March each year and the second time of a year when admissions granted is from 1st August and closed on 31st of August.
  • There are 04 semester in the bachelor program of AIOU and the duration is 18 weeks for each semester. Final exam of a semester normally conduct after completion of 18 week studies.
  • In each of four semesters, students are allowed to take only 02 credit hour courses in one semester,  which can be 02 Full credit courses or 04 Half Credit courses or One Full and 02 Half Credit courses
  • At the time of seeking admission in bachelor level program of AIOU a candidate must have passed 12 years education i.e. Intermediate examination or equivalent and compulsory papers of Matric and Inter level program. Candidate will required to attach attested copies of Marks sheetscertificates / degrees / diploma issued by recognized board / university with the admission form otherwise admission not be granted.  (Note that certificates issued from college or school including semester wise result card copies even by any board or university will not be considered). AIOU Overseas BA Admission form including prospectus for is available on official website of university i.e; According to university fee chart in September 2012 Fee for each course of this program is approx to US$110. Admission fee that will be paid once at the time of first admission is $10.Semester wise approx fee for four semester in US $ are given here:
    • 1st Semester Fee : US$ = 440
    • 2nd Semester Fee : US$ = 330
    • 3rd Semester Fee : US$ = 440
    • 4th Semester Fee : US$ = 440
  • For updated fee rates you can visit the above given website or Contract University directly.
  • You are required to submit necessary fee in US$ in a designated bank in directions of the university and get prepared a bank draft in favor of Treasurer AIOU Islamabad. Attach the original bank draft with the admission form and yes keep a photo copy of the same for your own record. 

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